FACT-Finder Integration

Example code for FactFinder integration can be found on GitHub at https://github.com/FACT-Finder. Please contact us with any questions or to have us send the code directly to you.

Optimize your Data Feed

The key to using FACTFinder successfully is a well maintained and curated data feed. If you wish to know more, see our collated information on what fields you must, should and can use.

After Search Navigation

Integrating the After Search Navigation Module.

Similar Products

Integrating the "Similar Products" Function.

FACT-Finder Search

Integrating the FactFinder Search.

Campaign Manager

Integrating the Campaign Manager.

Product Comparison

Integrating the Product Comparison function.

Recommendation Engine 

Integrating the Recommendation Engine.


Integrating the Tracking Interface.


Integrating the Suggest Module.


Integrating the Navigation module.

Migration Guide: SOAP to REST or JSON

Switching over from the obsolescent SOAP interface.

Sample Code

Example code for FactFinder Integration.