FACT-Finder User Guide

Start Here  

Learn the basics of FACT-Finder's user interface, channels and personal settings.


Learn more about system settings and information as well as FACT-Finder user and group rights and how to manage them.


Track customer behaviour, analyse it with diagnostics tools and display your findings.

Notification Messages

Receive regular reports about the systems status and search behaviours.

Basic Settings

Configure the FACT-Finder algorithm, field prioritization, ranking, filter/navigation, result listing and index fields.


Everything about manual and automatic import of your product data in FACT-Finder, as well as all relevant settings.

Channel Management

Create or remove channels, check backups and restore them as needed.


Information on creating and using advisor, referral, feedback and product campaigns.


Learn more about the FACT-Finder Modules ASO, Data Quality, Single Word Search, Personalisation, Semantic Enhancer and SEO-Enhancer.


Use FACT-Finder Recommendation Engine to generate product suggestions based on sales data.

Diagnostic Search and Demoshop

Test your search configuration with our extensive diagnostic search and the demo shop.

Search Optimization

Use the Thesaurus, stop words and preprocessor to refine your search results further.


Configure how suggested search terms are displayed when entering search terms.

Best Practice 

Use Cases, Best Practice Beispiele and helpful tips for configuring your FACT-Finder.